How To Start Preapring For Gujarati Literature For Upsc?

Is Gujarati literature good for UPSC?

Gujarati Literature as an optional could be highly advantageous due to the low number of aspirants choosing the subject. However, a command over the language and reading all the books listed in the syllabus are very important for success.

Which is the first novel of Gujarati literature?

Karan Ghelo: Gujarat’s Last Rajput King (Gujarati: કરણ ઘેલો: ગુજરાતનો છેલ્લો રજપૂત રાજા) is a Gujarati historical novel by Nandshankar Mehta. It was published in 1866 and was the first original novel in Gujarati.

Can I give UPSC interview in Gujarati language?

IAS aspirants can give the UPSC interview in English or any regional language mentioned in the 8th schedule of the Indian constitution irrespective of the medium of the written exam, as per the announcement by the UPSC in 2011.

Can I write answers in Gujarati in UPSC mains?

Yes, you can write UPSC optional paper answers in Gujarati but in case if you choose any language paper for your optional then you’ll have to write your answers in that particular language only.

Who is the father of Gujarat literature?

Ans : Suresh Joshi is Known as the father of modern Gujarati literature and the leader of avant-garde writers in Gujarati Literature. Ans : Nandshankar Mehta’s Karan Ghelo (1866) is the first original novel of Gujarati literature.

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Who cleared UPSC from Gujarat?

The six successful candidates from the state are Hiren Barot who ranked 332 in All India Rank (AIR), Jayvir Gadhvi (341), Prabhat Singh (483), Akshesh Engineer (601), Kartikey Kumar (653) and Pranav Agja (665).

Who is the best writer in Gujarat?

Well known laureates of Gujarati literature are Hemchandracharya, Narsinh Mehta, Mirabai, Akho, Premanand Bhatt, Shamal Bhatt, Dayaram, Dalpatram, Narmad, Govardhanram Tripathi, Mahatma Gandhi, K. M. Munshi, Umashankar Joshi, Suresh Joshi, Pannalal Patel and Rajendra Keshavlal Shah.

What script does Gujarati use?

Writing system Similar to other Nāgarī writing systems, the Gujarati script is an abugida. It is used to write the Gujarati and Kutchi languages.

Can I wear jeans in UPSC interview?

Men should preferably have short hair. This is a matter of personal choice but it might not project a professional image if you have long hair. Avoid expensive and flashy jewellery. Don’t go in party wear or casual wear like jeans and T-shirts.

Which language is spoken in Lbsnaa?

The State(Cadre) language is taught to us in LBSNAA, Mussoorie when we undergo training. We use English language only when get posted at Central Secretariat after completing many years of tenure in the State.