How To Solve Blood Relation Questions Upsc?

What is the easiest way to solve a blood relation question?

Apply the question to yourself. This is the best way to solve blood relation questions. Break the question into very small parts. When the statement is very long, it can get confusing. Do not assume the gender. Draw clear diagrams as you solve.

How do you calculate blood relations?

Father’s side – Paternal. Mother’s side – Maternal. Mother’s or Father’s Father – Grandfather (Maternal or Paternal) Mother’s or Father’s Mother – Grandmother (Maternal or Paternal) Mother’s or Father’s Brother – Uncle. Mother’s or Father’s Sister – Aunt. Mother’s or Father’s Son – Brother.

What kind of questions do you get in the topic blood relations?

Who is the brother in law of R? How many female members are there in the family? How is Q related to X? How is Y related to P?

How do you solve family tree questions?

P/Q means P is the father of Q. P+Q means P is the mother of Q. P-Q means P is the brother of the Q. P*Q means P is the sister of Q. Now if A + B / C – D, then A is D’s? Or, If A * B / C – D + E, then how A and E are related?