How To Read Atlas For Upsc Beat Strategy?

How to read atlas for UPSC?

Lines on the Maps: Study the important latitude and longitude lines on the world map (like Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic Circle, Equator). Note the countries through which each of the lines pass. Also, study the International Date Line, Prime Meridian and which countries fall on which side.

Which atlas is best for UPSC preparation?

Some students prefer to use the Oxford Atlas for India and the Orient Blackswan for world maps. One should also know the types of maps in Geography. You may learn about it in the linked article. Once you know about the maps, learn how to use maps effectively for UPSC examination in the linked article.

How do you read an atlas book?

Like other non-fiction books, atlases have a table of contents in the front of the book and an index at the end of the book. The index, which is in alphabetical order, helps you find the page for specific information. The most important part of an atlas is the map key.

Which Orient Blackswan atlas is good for UPSC?

The Orient blackswan atlas for competitive exams brings the world closer through its updated maps and graphical representations in the form of pie-charts and histograms. This atlas has been specially designed for students preparing for UPSC and other competitive examinations.

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What are the 3 types of atlas?

General-Reference Atlases. Atlases can depict a specific area or cover the entire Earth. Regional and National Atlases. Thematic Atlases.

Which atlas is better Black Swan or Oxford?

There is a myth around that an aspirant should buy both well-known atlas i.e. oxford and blackswan, but keeping in mind latest edition of both, Oxford Atlas is excellent and a person need not to buy Blackswan. Maps in Oxford Atlas are crisp and sharp and colours used to distinguish geographical regions are excellent.

Who prepared 1st atlas?

Abraham Ortelius is a key figure in the history of human knowledge. He is known as the inventor of the atlas – a book bringing maps together in one format and with the same display – and was the first person to discover continental drift.

Which 5 subject is best for UPSC?

Medical Science. Literature. Anthropology. Public Administration. Psychology. Law. Geography. History.

Which UPSC coaching has highest success rate?

Youth Destination is a well known IAS coaching in Delhi that has the highest success rate for IAS preparation. The institute provides help for all the three stages of the IAS examination: preliminary exam, mains and interview round or personality tests.

How to do mapping for UPSC?

Make pointers related to all neighbour countries. Note down the names of the important borderlines. Give preference to the countries situated in the Indian subcontinent. Mark major degrees, ocean names, peninsula etc for all of these countries.