How To Prepare Notes For Sociology Upsc?

How do you take notes for sociology?

So, one of the best approaches to note taking in sociology courses is by using the outline method. This method involves organizing subjects by main topics, sub topics, and supporting facts. The main topic line is the central idea that you want to remember.

Which sociology notes is best for UPSC?

Some of the best books to prepare sociology optional notes are- NCERT, Introduction to Sociology by Anthony Giddens, Sociological Theory by George Ritzer, Sociology Themes and Perspectives by Haralambos & Holborn, Indian Society: Themes and Social Issues by Nadeem Hasnain, etc.

Should we make notes of sociology optional?

Notes for Sociology Optional: Sociology is the most recommended optional in UPSC examinations. The main reason for this is if you follow the right type of strategy while preparing for sociology optional, the efforts are comparatively less compared to the results.

Is 2 months enough for sociology optional?

Syllabus. The UPSC syllabus for sociology optional is short and concise so it can be covered within 3-4 months time. Besides this no background is needed for this optional so even a fresher is comfortable for the preparation of this optional.

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What is the fastest way to revise sociology?

You should ‘mix it up’ over the course of the day – for example if you you’re doing three sessions, do one of sociology, one of English, one of History. Your daily plan should be realistic – some sub-topics might take you two sessions, depending on how large they are and how difficult you find them.

Is studying sociology hard?

Sociology is not an easy major. Sociology requires analysis and critical thinking, an understanding of complex theories and theorists, and awareness of the social contexts of a variety of social problems.

Which Youtube channel is best for sociology?

How to get 300 in sociology?

1) Understand the syllabus – Understand each and every word written in your Sociology Optional Syllabus and try to learn it, as it the basis of your preparation. 2) Select your sources – Do not run for too many books rather keep your booklist short and read them thoroughly.

Which is harder Geography or sociology?

Both Sociology and Geography are popular optionals in the Civil Services Exam. Geography surpasses Sociology if you look at the absolute numbers of candidates opting for the subjects. In fact, both subjects are considered scoring.

Can I complete sociology in 3 months?

Within 3 to 4 months, a student can complete the entire syllabus thoroughly. One need not even be a graduate in this subject. This is because sociology is the study of society.