How To Prepare For UPSC In 1 Month?

How to prepare for UPSC exams in one month. Does it sound awkward? Is it even possible? If you feel yes, then you totally understand the weightage of the exams.

This is one question that makes me peep into the minds of many UPSC aspirants. While this may not be impossible, it is not for those who are new to the exams. But if you are a veteran, then preparing yourself within a month is not far away.

Preparing for UPSC exams is not just about studying, but preparing your mind. Let’s take a look at some of the tips that will help you prepare for the UPSC exams in one month.

Forget About Your Social Life

Stay away from everything that keeps you distracted. Friends, parties, travel, anything that will affect your preparation. Always keep your mind fresh and don’t let any distraction control you or your mind.

Your brain should think about preparing for the exams all the time. Do not think that you have just 30 days to prepare. You have 60 half-days, which means 30 full days and 30 full nights. When you know the difference, you will understand.

Be Stupid

Charles Bukowski once said, “An intelligent person is full of doubts, but a stupid person is full of confidence.”

If I ask you whether you want to be an intelligent person or a stupid person, you might want to be an intelligent person. Don’t. Don’t be that intelligent person who is full of doubts. More doubts will lead to more confusion, which again leads to more reading.

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Be the stupid person and have confidence in what you can learn in these 60-half days. Remember that doubts can only generate more doubts, while confidence will generate more confidence.

Think More, Study Less

Studying for hours together will not help you if you want to prepare for UPSC exams in a month. What you need to do is think while studying why a question is asked in the UPSC and how it can be solved. Use the same technique to prepare for other subjects also.

Focus On The Syllabus, Not Time

You already know your time is limited to preparing for the UPSC. Forget focusing on the time. Whenever you have time, invest it in studying books or taking mock tests. Remember that how you learn is more important than what you learn. You need to score 60% to pass the prelims and not 100%.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while preparing for the UPSC. Do not try to read and memorize each and every chapter in the book. You will be wasting a lot of time this way. Remember that the exams cover a wide variety of topics, and you can’t spend all your time in one book.

Instead, go through the previous papers and not down all the common chapters that have been asked in every exam. This way, you can focus on those chapters first before studying other chapters.

Always be up-to-date with current affairs. Reading news, magazines, and other material will improve your knowledge.

Dealing With Difficult Topics

You may come across topics that are elusive or hard to memorize. A tip to overcome such difficulties is to make a voice note of all these topics and listen to them whenever you are alone.

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It is neither easy nor difficult to prepare for UPSC exams within a month. With proper planning, preparation, and mindset, it is possible to score and pass the UPSC.

I have already said before that these tips are not for the novice. Preparing for the UPSC exam before 30 days is not possible if you are studying new chapters. To have a chance of passing the UPSC exam, you should use what you already know.