How To Prepare For Paper 2 Of Prelims Upsc?

How do you qualify for CSAT paper 2?

UPSC CSAT is officially the General Studies-II in the UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam. Although it is a qualifying paper, you need to have a rock-solid UPSC CSAT Prelims Strategy to ace this paper. Now, to qualify for the 200-mark CSAT Prelims paper, you need to score more than 33% or 66 marks.

How much do you need to score in CSAT paper 2?

A candidate needs to score a minimum of 66 marks (33% of the total marks) in the CSAT paper for qualification. Only after scoring at least 66 marks in paper 2 and the minimum cut off (varies each year) in paper 1, can a candidate qualify for UPSC Mains.

Which book is best for UPSC Prelims paper 2?

Other Best CSAT Books for UPSC CSAT Conceptual Approach (Paper – 2) by P. N. Roy Chowdhury. CSAT (Paper-II) by Cl India. UPSC Portal: CSAT Comprehensive Manual. India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra – History.

Can I clear prelims in 2 months?

Many IAS hopefuls might be wondering if it is possible to crack the UPSC Prelims in just 60 days. The answer is a resounding YES. People have done it before, and you can do it too!

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How can I clear CSAT in first attempt?

Keep every Sunday for CSAT practice and solve some questions from the numerous mock question papers found in the book. Candidates who are struggling with the CSAT paper should practice at least 1 hour daily.

Can I prepare for CSAT without coaching?

With the advent of the internet, resources in terms of books, study materials, video content etc are easily available and hence one can crack the UPSC CSAT exam without coaching.

Is CSAT 2022 Tough?

Overall the GS II paper (CSAT) 2022 was moderately tough, and proper choice of questions was important to score well.

Is CSAT becoming difficult?

CSAT paper is becoming a tough nut to crack. Previously, students used to not even read for this paper as it was just qualifying in nature.

Is CSAT becoming tough?

If you analyse year on year CSAT papers, you will observe that by each passing year the difficulty level of questions is increasing. So, is it difficult to qualify CSAT now? The answer is ‘No’. It is still easy if you follow the below strategy.

Can I skip Ncert for UPSC?

It is recommended that candidates go through the NCERT books as the information available is not just comprehensive but also reliable. Textbooks from class VI to XII can be of great use for both prelims and mains examination. Read Further: Complete List Of NCERT Books Needed For UPSC Preparation.