How To Prepare For IAS Exam After 12th?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to prepare for the IAS exam after 12th grade may vary depending on your individual circumstances. However, some tips on how to prepare for the IAS exam after 12th grade include studying for the exam, practicing test questions, and engaging in extracurricular activities.

How can I start my IAS after 12th?

Read as many books on the topic as you possibly can.

(You may get the PDF of the UPSC Books from the article that I mentioned.)

Establishing the routine of reading the daily newspaper is an excellent way to be informed about what’s going on in your own nation and across the world.

(For your preparation for current affairs, you may like to follow Daily News Analysis, also known as DNA.)

Which course is best for IAS after 12th?

Answer In order to become an officer in the Indian Administrative Service, you need to first finish your education.

You have the option of getting a Bachelor of Science degree or studying engineering.

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How can I start my IAS after 12th without coaching?

To put it succinctly

Read some NCERT books along with some other good books.

Take some notes while you’re reading a newspaper.

Writing practise should be done every day in preparation for the UPSC Mains test.

Pick an optional topic for the Mains test, and be sure you do well in it.

The UPSC previous year question paper should be practised, in addition to the mock exam.

Prepare yourself for an upcoming interview.

What are the 12 subjects for IAS?

C Level Social Science Syllabus.

The Curriculum for the Science Level C.

The Mathematics Curriculum for Level C

The Syllabus for Basic Computer Skills at the C Level

The English Language Curriculum for Students at the C Level

Which subject is best for IAS?

On the Indian Administrative Service exam, the top subjects for scoring higher marks are public administration and geography.

Which college is best for IAS?

The University of Delhi is now in first place.

Over the course of the past several years, a sizable number of medical professionals and engineers have begun studying for the UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam.

Is math compulsory for IAS?

Mathematics is offered as one of the optional subjects in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Mains Exam, which consists of two separate examinations (Paper I and Paper II).

The Maths Optional in CSE 2022 will not change from how it was presented in 2021.

Examine the UPSC Notification 2022 in order to maintain your knowledge of the most recent IAS Maths Syllabus.

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What are IAS subjects?

IAS Mains

Subjects That Are Not Required Syllabi

Science pertaining to agriculture, animal husbandry, and veterinary medicine


Geology and Geographical Terms


Mathematical Management of the Legal System

Engineering of a Mechanical Nature

Philosophy of Medicine and Medical Science


Both Political Science and International Relations are Included Here.


Is UPSC very tough?

The Union Public Service Commission test is one of the most difficult to pass in India; yet, if you follow the appropriate plan, it is not impossible to do so.

An expert has provided the following list of ten pointers on how to pass the UPSC exam.

The Union Public Service Commission test is one of the most difficult to pass in India; yet, if you follow the appropriate plan, it is not impossible to do so.

Can I crack UPSC by self-study?

Without taking any classes, it is possible to pass the IAS exam.

However, this may not apply to “everyone.”

It depends on how well they are able to study on their own.

You don’t need to take any classroom instruction to pass the UPSC CSE if you’re adept at studying on your own.

How can I start my IAS at home?

There are 15 key pieces of advice listed down below:

First and foremost, get yourself ready.

A time table is the second piece of advice.

Knowing the UPSC Syllabus is the next piece of advice.

Reading the newspaper and being up to date on current events is important for the IAS.

Optional is Tip No. 5’s Subject of Discussion.

Tip #6: NCERTs.

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Tip #7: Making Notes.

Answer Writing Practice is the eighth piece of advice.

Which book should I read for UPSC?

The preparation for the IAS Exam requires diligent study of NCERT books.

During the process of preparation, they offer aspirants for the IAS a sturdy base on which to build.

Therefore, it is essential to read all of the NCERT books and to compile brief notes based on the information found in the NCERT books so that you may review them later.

Refer to NCERT Notes if you want notes that are clear and succinct on NCERT Books.

Which stream is best for IAS?

The Arts Stream received a higher score than the Science and Commerce Streams combined.

Therefore, it is recommended that you pursue a degree in the Arts since this will enable you to prepare more effectively and get a higher score across all three phases of the IAS Exam.

How many years study for IAS?

It takes IAS officers a total of two years to complete their training, which is broken up into the following stages:

Foundation Course: All of the applicants who have been recommended for Grade A jobs, such as IAS, IPS, and IFS, will be extended an invitation to participate in a foundation course that will last for three months at LBSNAA.

What is IAS qualification?

Candidates need to have a Bachelor’s Degree from one of the reputable colleges in order to be considered.

Candidates who have taken the qualifying test and are now awaiting the results, as well as candidates who have not yet taken the qualifying exam, are both eligible to participate in the Preliminary Examination.