How To Prepare For Eo Upsc?

How to prepare for UPSC EPFO?

UPSC EPFO Preparation Tips for Indian Freedom Struggle For beginners, candidates should choose to pick 12 Class NCERT for Indian History. After clearing the concepts, choose books that provide more detailed information. Take mock tests after finishing up a topic. Try to cover the syllabus within 2-3 months.

What is eo ao?

EPFO Enforcement officer/Account Officer EPFO Enforcement officer(EO)/Accounts Officer(AO) is a Level 8( GP 4800). Normally inspectors in other departments are’ appointed at Level 7( GP 4600). EO and AO refers to the same person.

Is 2 hours of studying enough for UPSC?

The UPSC civil services exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. And, because of this, a lot of people recommend studying for about 15 hours per day during the IAS exam preparation time.

Is UPSC EPFO EO gazetted officer?

EPFO is under CBT and they are getting their salary from the Board. The APFC post is appointed by UPFC, hence it is a gazetted post.

What is the difference between EO and AO?

MOs can be AO (Abolishing Operations) or EO (Establishing Operations), depending on whether they decrease or increase the value of a reinforcer (be it an event, stimulus or object) and therefore evoke or abate a behavior.

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What is EO exam?

It is a national exam under the Ministry of Labor and Employment annually conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for the posts of Enforcement Officer (EO)/ Accounts Officer (AO).

Is 24 too late for UPSC?

What is the Correct Age to Begin Your UPSC Preparation? There is as such no correct age to begin your preparation for the Civil Service Examination. Students need to be at least 21 years old and no more than 32 years to apply in the Civil Services. So you can begin your preparation at any instance between these ages.

Is 7 hours of sleep enough UPSC?

Daily five to seven hours sleep is enough for a UPSC aspirant. If you are an aspirant with asthma, allergy or other health problem you need to sleep more. So, an aspirant does not waste even a single minute. If an aspirant is studying in the morning, they should take proper breakfast and should drink ample water.

Is EPFO EO exam conducted every year?

Table of Contents. EPFO stands for Employee Provident Fund Organization. It is a national examination that The Union Public Service Commission holds every year for the positions of Enforcement Officer (EO) and Accounts Officer. It is administered by the Ministry of Labour and Employment (AO).

Is Upsc EPFO Group A or B?

A UPSC EPFO AO/EO is placed in the General Central Service Group ‘B’, Non-Ministerial category. An EPFO EO/AO will be paid a salary in the pay matrix level-8.