How To Prepaee Upsc Chemistry Optional?

How do I study for optional Chemistry?

know your UPSC Civil Services Exam syllabus. Select Best Reference Books. Prepare a Study plan. Prepare own Preparation Notes. Practice Previous Question Papers. Practice few Mock Test Papers.

How to prepare Chemistry optional for UPSC quora?

Originally Answered: How does one prepare for Chemistry as an optional subject in UPSC Mains exam in a single year? Follow the NCERT chemistry test books of +1 and +2 and try to follow previous year question papers and latest findings in chemistry.

What should I study for Chemistry in UPSC?

There are two papers for the optionals. Each paper is of 250 marks making it a total of 500 marks. The major branches in paper-I are physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry. The topics atomic structure and chemical bonding are straightforward and should be studied from the basic books.

Who got highest marks in Chemistry optional in UPSC?

UPSC CSE | Highest Scorer | Strategy For Chemistry Optional | By Divyansh Singh, Rank 49 CSE 2021 – YouTube.

Is chemistry optional hard?

You should genuinely have an interest in reading chemistry otherwise it would be very difficult to complete the syllabus. The syllabus will take at least 6 months to complete. There is very little overlap with the general studies papers. You have to write precise answers as it is a core science subject.

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How can I study chemistry without forgetting?

Review and Study Material Before Going to Class. Seek Understanding. Take Good Notes. Practice Daily. Take Advantage of Lab Time. Use Flashcards. Use Study Groups. Break Large Tasks Into Smaller Ones.

Which coaching is best for chemistry optional?

Plutus IAS Chemistry Optional IAS Coaching in Delhi. Yojna IAS Chemistry Optional IAS Coaching in Delhi. The Hinduzone Chemistry Optional IAS Coaching in Delhi. Kautilya IAS Chemistry Optional IAS Coaching in Delhi. DIAS Chemistry Optional IAS Coaching in Delhi.

Which chapter has highest weightage in chemistry?

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure. Chemical Thermodynamics. Chemical Kinetics. Alcohols and Ethers. P Block Elements. General Organic Chemistry. Coordination Compounds. S block elements: Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals and Hydrogen.

Which part of chemistry has more weightage?

Organic chemistry is the most weighted of the three areas, with a consistent weighting practically every year. Important topics for JEE Chemistry have been grouped across three sections: organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.

What is the toughest topic in chemistry?

Physical Chemistry is the hardest branch of chemistry. It involves the study of physical properties and constitution of matter, the laws of chemical combination, and theories governing chemical reactions.