How To Give Upsc In Marathi?

Can I give UPSC interview in Marathi language?

Candidates can opt for English, Hindi or any other regional language when facing the UPSC panel. Only those candidates who are exempt from taking the compulsory Indian language paper should attend the interview in either English or Hindi.

How to prepare for UPSC in Marathi language?

How to Prepare UPSC Marathi Optional Subject 2022. UPSC Preparation Tips. Step 1: Know UPSC Marathi syllabus. Step 2: Select Best Reference Books for UPSC Marathi. Step 3: Prepare a Study Plan. Step 4:Prepare UPSC Marathi Important Topics 2022. Final Step: Prepare UPSC Marathi Previous Question Papers & Practice papers.

Can I give UPSC essay in Marathi?

Yes, you can. Providing appropriate sub headings to your essay would make it look more attractive. It would give the impression to the examiner that you have a very good understanding of the topic. It also has the advantage of breaking the monotony of reading your answers.

Which books are best for UPSC in Marathi?

Athavaninche Pakshi – P.I. Sonkamble. Jahirnama- Narayan Surve. Balakvinchi Kavita – Balkavi. Brahmankany – S.V. Ketkar. Damayanti-Swayamvar – Raghunath Pandit. Ekek Paan Galavaya – Gouri Deshpande.

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Is UPSC exam available in Marathi?

The Prelims exams are conducted in Hindi and English only. However, for Mains you can select any one of the 22 languages which includes English, Hindi as well as Marathi.

Which medium is best for UPSC?

Ans. 3 The most opted language medium for the Civil Services interview Examination is English and Hindi. However, candidates should opt for a language in which they are more comfortable.

Is 7 month enough for UPSC?

Yes. Even if you start preparing now – if you adopt the right strategies, do the smart work, learn what is needed, and don’t go behind everything under the Sun – yes, you can clear UPSC CSE Prelims with just 6 months of preparation.

Is 1 years enough for UPSC?

One year is more than sufficient for IAS preparation. One does not need to join coaching for the IAS exam if one prepares well with the right guidance and UPSC exam strategy.

Which 5 subject is best for UPSC?

Medical Science. Literature. Anthropology. Public Administration. Psychology. Law. Geography. History.

Is Marathi necessary for UPSC?

Marathi literature is included in the UPSC Mains as an optional subject in civil services examination. In this article, we provide you with the detailed syllabus for Marathi optional and also the UPSC Marathi Optional Syllabus PDF.