How To Get India Map For Upsc By Study Iq?

How to do mapping for UPSC?

You can use Latitude 76 °E, latitude 92 ° E, Indian Standard Meridian and Tropic of Cancer as guidelines for mapping work. With the help of these guidelines, start plotting important places/features (which are already asked by UPSC in previous year papers) on your blank Political India maps.

How good is study IQ UPSC course?

Yes, Study IQ courses are helpful in UPSC preparation . Since they are providing smart courses now so I would recommend you to go with them instead of pen drive courses as they have significantly upgraded content in their smart courses & it’s also in the same price range.

What is study IQ app?

Description of StudyIQ – UPSC IAS & State PCS Courses are supplemented by quizzes, lecture notes, ppts, course updates and various other valuable resources and functionalities. On popular demand, also brings “Ask a Doubt” where a student can get personal mentorship from an expert.