How To Ger Indian Ordinance Factory Upsc?

How do I join IOF?

How do you become an IOFS officer? Ans: Candidates will need to qualify for the UPSC civil service examination or engineering service examination to become an IOFS officer.

Is Ordnance Factory under DRDO?

Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), consisting of the Indian Ordnance Factories, now known as Directorate of Ordnance (Coordination & Services) was an organisation, under the Department of Defence Production (DDP) of Ministry of Defence (MoD), Government of India.

What will happen to Iofs officers?

“The government, after having assessed the overall performance of officers of Indian Ordnance Factories Service, following the prescribed procedure, has decided to retire its 13 Group ‘A’ officers from government service in public interest due to their overall unsatisfactory performance,” the ministry said in a …

Is Ordnance Factory central government?

As decided by the Union Cabinet on 16th June, 2021, the Government of India has decided to corporatise the functions of the 41 production units (Ordnance Factories) of the Ordnance Factory Board (“OFB”), functioning under the Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence (“DDP”).

Is Ordnance Factory government job?

About Indian Ordnance Factory It is the world’s largest government-operated production organization and the oldest organization run by the Government of India.

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Is DRDO govt or private?

DRDO is the R&D wing of Ministry of Defence, Govt of India, with a vision to empower India with cutting-edge defence technologies and a mission to achieve self-reliance in critical defence technologies and systems, while equipping our armed forces with state-of-the-art weapon systems and equipment in accordance with …

How do I join the Army Ordnance Corps as an officer?

For Jawans, joining the AOC is through direct recruitments/rallies held on a regular basis by the army. For Officers, they are commissioned into AOC only after they are graduated from the respective training academies based on performance and merit in the academy.

Is Ordnance Factory a PSU?

The government had announced the formation of seven new defence public-sector undertakings, which took over the operations of the 41 factories under the Ordnance Factory Board.

What is the future of Ordnance Factory?

Fast forward, in June 2021, the government announced its decision to split the OFB into seven defence public sector units (DPSU). The Union Cabinet approved the plan on 16 June this year and on 28 September, the government announced that the Ordnance Factory Board would cease to exist from 1 October.

Is Ordnance Factory going private?

The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), the first of whose industrial establishments was set up in 1801, will cease to exist from October 1, and the assets, staff, and operations of its 41 ordnance factories will be transferred to seven defence public sector units (DPSUs).