How To Fill Omr Sheet For Upsc 2018?

How to fill OMR sheet for UPSC?

In the answer sheet, mark in BLACK BALL POINT pen, your exam centre, subject and the test booklet series at the appropriate space provided on top. Then, mark or encode your booklet series (A/B/C/D), subject code and roll number in the circles provided there.

How do you fill an OMR sheet fast?

Solve every question you can in the first 4 pages. Mark your answers. Now, solve every question you can in the next 4 pages.

How do you correct an OMR sheet answer?

Changing an answer is NOT ALLOWED: * While answering, choose the BEST alternative answer from the four choices given below the question and darken the same in the corresponding circle in the OMR answer sheet. Do not shade more than one circle for a question.

How do you attempt an OMR sheet?

✓ Stick to a blue or black ball pen only for darkening the bubbles. ✓ Do not use a pencil until there is any instruction on the sheet. ✓ Darken the bubble completely, and do not use tickmarks to answer the question. ✓ Over-filling or underfilling in the sheet will be marked as a wrong answer.

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Can OMR be rejected?

OMR Scanning machine will reject OMR sheet in which Roll No and Booklet series are not properly and correctly (in word or number or both as required) darkened or fillup in OMR sheet.”

How do I fill an OMR sheet date?

DATE OF BIRTH : Enter your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY (Date-Month- Year).

Which pen is best for OMR filling?

Uni Ball Jetstre Roller Ball Pen (Pack of 3, Black) very handy in darkening omr sheet.

What will happen if I put a dot on the wrong bubble in an OMR sheet?

But if the scanner detects that small dot, the both the circles will be detected. In this case, your response/answer is considered invalid. Hence that question will be rejected.

What happens if we mark two options in OMR sheet?

For example, never choose two answers in the OMR sheet as that question will be disqualified and lead to negative marking.

Are OMR sheets checked manually?

These OMR sheets are to be checked manually if scanner and OMR checking software are not available, and in case the sheets are to be checked on large scale it creates more panic. Here, you see two techniques for checking OMR Sheets manually without much effort or any loss of time.