How To Explain Upsc Gap During Iim Interview?

How do you justify gap years in UPSC?

Try to justify the gap year as a period of self-discovery and self-learning. Try to show how you tried to hone your academic skills instead of procrastinating, which generally happens in a gap year.

How can I justify my one year gap in IIM interview?

The best way to justify your answer is by giving a response that reflects your intent. Explain to the interviewers why the 2 years gap was necessary. Tell the panellists that you only wanted to study MBA and you were ready to study for an extra year to get admission in a top MBA college like IIM.

How do you justify a gap?

The rationale for a gap in education should be well backed up by facts without making it sound dramatic or even negative, but with a clear view and focus on the positive way forward. It is crucial to be candid and truthful, while showing the value addition of the specific break, in terms of career goals or life goals.

Do Iims accept students with gap year?

The first approach to answering this question is basically considering the logical answer to the question of gap years affecting your chances ; no IIM specifically deducts marks for gap years hence the logical conclusion should be that it does not matter.

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How do I explain why I took a gap year?

As with any gap on your CV, the key is not to gloss over it but rather to embrace it as a positive. Provide a clear and honest explanation of how you spent the time, focussing on the transferable skills and experience that you gained.

How do you justify the 7 year gap in an interview?

Be honest You want to be truthful without going into unnecessary detail. A basic template for your answer could be: “I [reason you were not employed]. During that time, [what you did during the gap]. Returning to work was top of mind during that period and I’m ready to do that now.”

Can I get IIM after 3 years gap?

If you can explain your reasons well, then you will be able to get through. Since you have 3 years of gap, you need to have a very solid and genuine answer and you also needs to show them how you utilised these years to your advantage, what skills did you imaprt etc.

Can I get into IIM with 4 years gap?

Yes , You can get into IIM with 4 years of gap provided you clear the cat exam and have a good enough academic record to get selected for it , there wont be any problem at all and you wont be discriminated on the basis of gap years, but you will have to justify this 4 year gap to interview panel and convince them about …

How do you explain a 2 year gap in an interview?

Describe What You Did During the Gap. Mention Personal Reasons Briefly. Fun Is Fine, But Emphasize Your Work Ethic. Address a Layoff or Termination. Focus on Accomplishments.

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How do you explain gaps in an interview?

Talk about what you have learned: What skills did you gain while on your gap year? Talk about how your experiences have helped you get to where you are now: How has taking time off improved your ability to handle stressful situations?