How To Cover Rstv For Upsc?

What should I watch on RSTV for UPSC?

RSTV Shows for UPSC India’s World – a weekly show on World Affairs related to India. Policy Watch – a weekly show on Economic policies (Also, ‘State of the Economy’) World Panorama – a weekly show on the issues in news around the world.

Where can I watch Rajya Sabha TV?

Get Rajya Sabha TV Live On Sansad News Channel Online on Mx Player! Rajya Sabha TV is a live news channel that covers the proceedings of the Upper House of the Parliament, the Rajya Sabha.

How can I cover my daily current affairs?

Daily newspaper: Daily newspaper, preferably The Hindu or Indian Express, is something you should not miss. Monthly magazine: Magazines are also a must to follow source. Internet: Internet is a double-edged sword, and you must swing it right to garner the right information.

How can I protect my UPSC security?

Syllabus-focussed study: Since the syllabus of UPSC Mains is too vast, it is important that you study relevant. Short and concise notes: Current Affairs: Optimum Revision: Previous Year Questions & Answer-writing Practice:

When to watch Rajya Sabha TV for UPSC?

India’s World (Rajya Sabha TV programs for UPSC) – This is a weekly programme that airs on Rajya Sabha TV at 10 pm every Monday and gives you detailed, unbiased, logical and mature opinions on International Issues.

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How can I enter in Rajya Sabha?

A member of the Rajya Sabha must: Be a citizen of India. Make and subscribe before some person authorized in that behalf by the Election Commission an oath or affirmation according to the form set out for the purpose in the Third Schedule to the Constitution. Be at least 30 years old.

How to watch RSTV for UPSC quora?

Subscribe the Rajyasabha TV on YouTube. They give you important information on science, international relations, current affairs, Constitution topic and so on. Yes, one can watch Rajya Sabha TV for UPSC preparation because it is unbaised and the panelists are highly educated and experienced.

Is RSTV in English?

Programmes. Rajya Sabha TV was among a few bi-lingual channels in India, telecasting in India’s official languages, Hindi and English. Rajya TV telecasted 7 news bulletins, 4 in Hindi and 3 in English.

Which source is best for current affairs?

Newspapers are the best source of reliable information on current affairs.

How can I strong my current affairs in UPSC?

Concentrate More on Analysis. Most of the candidates just give importance to memorizing the current affairs. Linking of Topics. Newspapers. Magazines – Use Limited Numbers with Proven Track Record. Notes – Make it a Habit. Revise – Consistency. Limit your Sources.