How To Choose The Right Optional Subject For UPSC Mains Exam?

Every year, lakhs of UPSC candidates take part in the popular UPSC civil service examinations. And one of the stages that is the most critical is the selection of the optional topic for the UPSC mains examination.

Because your entire career is riding on the outcome of your selection, it is most important that you select the proper option.

The UPSC has changed its test so that candidates can only choose one of two optional subjects that are each worth 500 points.

Since students from any background are welcome to take the exam, the UPSC provides a wide selection of topics for candidates to choose from, tailoring each option to the candidate’s specific areas of interest and academic history.

Therefore, in order to help you with the selection of the right topic for the MAINS test, I have provided some useful tips below.

Examine Each Of The Optional Subject Lists Carefully

Before selecting the optional subject, you need to give utmost attention to the list of subjects and look through it properly. This is the most important factor to take into account when selecting a subject.

The next step that you should take is to evaluate the depth of your knowledge and your level of interest in those subjects.

You can also take into consideration your time spent in school and try to determine the subject in which you performed particularly well and earned higher scores.

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Putting all of this into account will help you make more informed decisions moving forward on the topic you want to study.

Choosing Topics That You Are Already Familiar With

Now that you have a general idea of the topics that are available for you to choose, consider the topics that you already have experience with.

Because you already have a basic understanding of the topic, it will be much easier for you to research the topics of the subject without wasting too much time doing so.

Make A List Of The Topics You’ve Decided On

You’ve probably thought about the subjects that have piqued your interest throughout your school career, but the present is where your attention should be.

Examine the topics in which you are now most interested to determine which ones have the most appeal for you and which will allow you to approach your studies with zeal.

When you consider all of these things, it will help you create a shortlist of the top subjects, which will then help you come to a conclusion.

Availability Of Books And Study Materials

If you are considering choosing a topic for which there is no ready information available or books on the market, this may prove to be a difficult task for you because you would need to dedicate extra time to studying the topic and creating notes for it.

Therefore, you should choose a topic where all the information is already at your disposal.

This will save you a lot of time, which will allow you to complete the syllabus in the specified amount of time.

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Giving Priority to Your Interests Rather Than Trends

When you look at how people have scored on the UPSC test in the past, you can see that candidates have often made bad choices.

It’s important to be interested in the subjects you choose because you’ll be able to show how much you care about them on the exam, which is more about ideas than facts.

Your dedication to the topic and interest in it are the things that will help you in developing the concepts and writing the responses in a suitable manner.

Make sure that when you choose a subject for your exam, it is one that interests you and not one just because there is a possibility that you will earn better grades in that subject.