Can Supplementary Written Student Eligible For NEET 2017?

Are supplementary exams the same as the original?

Supplementary exams are your second chance at achieving the marks you need to pass your course. You can also qualify for a supplementary exam if you have a valid reason for missing the original exam. This exam takes place a few weeks after the initial exams are taken.

What happens if you fail a supplementary?

Don’t allow one bad year to throw everything away! If you fail your matric exam or supplementary exam, you can register to redo your matric. Failing a matric re-write doesn’t mean you can’t go to college. You can register to redo your matric and this time give it your all.

How do I know that I qualify for a supplementary exam?

According to the Department of Education you qualify for a supplementary exam: If you did not pass Grade 12 but need to pass 2 subjects to obtain your NSC. You can register to retake any number of subjects for your supplementary exam. However, you need to have written these subjects during your final year exams.

Who are supplementary candidates?

A student who has applied for special consideration due to unexpected circumstances impacting their performance during the first exam.

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Will supplementary exam affect my future?

If you have supplementary paper in 12th board, then yeah! it can affect your admission to the universities or other entrances as most of the cases, the eligibility suggests that the student need to pass all the subjects with some minimum qualifying mark defined by the university.

What happens if I get a supplementary exam?

A supplementary exam can be understood as an opportunity to reappear for the exams in order to score better from the previous time. It is important that students stay aware about the opportunities and options that they have.

What are the advantages of supplementary exams?

The purpose of the Supplementary exam is to assist students to gain a good Matric. This is because a Matric Certificate gives students access to further their studies at university.

What is the pass mark for a supplementary exam?

The Minimum Pass Marks is 35 out of 100 marks in each Subject except 2nd Language. In case of 2nd Language the pass marks is 20 out of 100. 2.

How many times supplementary exams can you write?

In general, a student can pass a year with a maximum of 4 supplementary exams.

Can we fail in supplementary exam?

It’s Ok if One Fails In Supplementary Subject. The Person Have To Give Only The Paper In which He / She is Failing.