Can Pcmb Students Apply For NEET?

What are the disadvantages of taking Pcmb?

You might experience a trade-off between number of career options and marks scored. As we discussed above, a PCMB combination can be tough to manage and students generally tend to score lesser in comparison to students who have opted for other relatively lighter (and more scoring) subjects.

Can a Pcmb student give aiims?

Definitely you can! There are two misconceptions amongst students regarding NEET and AIIMS: 1. A student can crack AIIMS only if he has an excellent score in NEET.

Can a student choose Pcmb?

PCMB could be a great choice for students in 10th who love both Mathematics and Biology equally. If you are certain you want to go into the Science field but are unsure whether you should go for Mathematics or Biology, you can go ahead and choose this combination.

What is the future of Pcmb?

For PCMB students, career options in the field of biochemical engineering are plenty, and they can choose to specialize as enzyme engineers, metabolic engineers, or tissue engineers.

What happens if I choose Pcmb?

As you can see, the main advantage of taking PCMB in 11th grade is that the candidates will have multiple career options to choose from. For instance, they can go for medical, engineering, and other related fields. Students can decide whatever career field they are in they are interested in by the end of the course.

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Is Pcmb tough for average students?

For an average student PCMB is a bit difficult but if you have the zeal that you can do it and you desire spending your time while doing maths than go for it.


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – MBBS For pursuing MBBS, the students must have cleared class 10+2 or an equivalent exam in PCM or PCMB.

Is taking Pcmb a mistake?

This helps us sort answers on the page. According to people if you are not sure about your future plans then you may go for PCMB. else if your father wants you to be an engineer or your mother to be a doctor then choose PCM and PCB respectively. so there is nothing wrong in being skeptic about your future choices.

Which is the toughest stream in class 11?

Science (PCM or PCB) Science stream has a reputation of most difficult stream in class 11th and 12th. Students learn Science till 10th standard, so they are aware of the basics of this subject.

Is Pcmb better than PCB?

If you want an instant answer, take PCB if you want to study medicine after 12. Take PCM if you want to pursue engineering after 12. Take both (PCMB) if you are not sure what you want to study. Best is to choose PCMB if you aren’t sure about your future career.