Can I Start My Preperation For NEET From 8th Class?

Which class is best for starting NEET preparation?

But according to our NEET experts, aspiring candidates should start with their NEET preparation from class 11th, it is considered to be the best time as the syllabus of medical exams is also covered from Class 11 onwards.

Which book is best for NEET preparation class 8?

Pearson NEET Foundation Physics, Chemistry & Biology | Class 8 | 4.5. (82) ?655. ?750. 12% off. Pearson NEET Foundation Physics, Chemistry & Biology | Class 10 | (80) ?477. Pearson IIT Foundation Biology (Class 8) 20211. 4.5. (59) ?369.

Which age is best for NEET preparation?

There is no specific age limit or time when it comes to start preparing for the NEET exam. Some students begin their preparation in 8th class, some in 11th while some begin just a year prior.

Can 8 month crack NEET?

Yes, it is enough time to crack NEET exam.

Can I prepare for NEET from class 7?

In NEET, there is no limit to the number of attempts, but the goal should be to pass it in as few attempts as possible. As a result, many students begin studying as early as the seventh grade for the exam.

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Who is the youngest to crack NEET?

Roman Saini – The Beginning After completing his schooling, he appeared for the AIIMS entrance exam and became the youngest person to crack that examination at the age of 16. Roman went to AIIMS to pursue his MBBS. Roman Saini’s family consists of his father, mother, brother, and sister.

How can I topper in class 8?

Solve Sample Papers: Solving more and more sample papers will help students in building a grip on the subject. Time Management: Proper time management will help students in finishing the exam paper on time, thereby reducing last-minute anxiety and stress.

How many hours should a topper study in class 8?

One should be regular and stick to the schedule made for each day. For competitive exams at least 6-7 hours study is mandatory.

Which subject is best for doctor in class 8?

To receive a quality medical education and become a doctor, you must graduate from secondary school with the required marks in all the subjects. In your secondary level of education, you can select the core science subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology, as they are mandatory for admission into MBBS .

Can I join Aakash in 8th class?

Aakash provides an opportunity to students of Class VIII, IX, X, XI, XII Studying & XII passed Science students to appear for National Eligibility & Scholarship Test (NEST) to showcase their potential.