Can I Leave Physics In NEET Quora?

Can I skip physics and chemistry for NEET?

If you are asking about skipping studying Physics, please don’t do this. It would be a blunder. You need to have good concepts of all three subjects because competition in NEET is quite tough. Most of the qualified candidates have almost similar marks in biology.

What happens if you get 0 in physics in NEET?

hello aspirant, see, you need to qualify the exam to persue MBBS degree in some college, now, if in case you get 0 marks in one subject and still you want to get admission, you have to make sure that you get exceptional/very good marks in the other two subjects. then only you may have a chance of getting a seat.

How can I overcome my fear of NEET in physics?

Hit on concepts. I could tell this 1000 times and every time in the first place. Solve NCERT examples. It has two benefits :- Practice a variety of questions. Benefits :- Fear of Physics. It is such a hype among Biology students.

Can I clear NEET by Biology only?

Yes of course you can crack but you will not going to stand anywhere because on the basis of only Biology marks you would not be getting any good college because if you do the questions of Biology only and suppose all are correct then Biology has 90 questions in NEET and it will give you maximum 360 marks which is …

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Can NEET be cleared without Physics?

Yes u can definitely do it but make it sure that ur rest of the subjects has to be strong enough to get u good marks . Work on chemistry and biology so that they can get u good marks and u must not leave physics too . Practice questions for physics because practice will make u score better .

Is it compulsory to solve Physics in NEET?

Therefore, studying Physics for NEET-UG 2022 is obligatory to become a top-rank bearer in the medical entrance test.

Who got zero in NEET?

Petitioner’s lawyer Dharmendra Chelawat said that Patidar had answered 161 out of 200 objective questions at the NEET held on July 17, and was confident of doing well. When results came out on September 7, she was shocked to find that she had received zero marks, he said.

Is O’Level Physics hard?

O Level Physics is a difficult subject to study, but it isn’t impossible! O Level physics is a very challenging subject, but it is also essential! If you are in Singapore and are preparing for your O Level Physics exam, these tips will help you achieve good grades in your exams.

Is HC Verma too much for NEET?

both the books are equally good. however hc verma is generally for ICSE board and it has a lot of detailed information which above this level and not required by you. if you feel you have ample time and you want to understand and clear your concepts in depth, you can read it.

How can I study 6 hours a day?

Prioritize your schedule: take up difficult topics early in the day. Exercise. Steal a nap. Eat to maintain energy levels. Conserve your mental energy. Take regular breaks. If possible, study/work in daylight.