Can I Give NEET After Passing From Nios 2018?

Are NIOS students eligible for MBBS in India?

NIOS Students are not eligibile to study MBBS abroad as of now but they are eligible to study MBBS in India due to obsolete and inadvertent laws of medical council of India.

Are NIOS students eligible for aiims?

Yes, NIOS is a recognised open board and even if you have passed 12th from NIOS you are eligible for AIIMS.

Can I give NEET after NIOS?

Yes, NIOS board students are eligible for NEET 2022 examination .

Is NIOS eligible for NEET 2024?

Yes, According to the latest eligibility criteria NIOS students can appear for the all Indian NEET examination in the upcoming years.. They must have studied PCB as their main subjects in 11th and 12th.

Can I become doctor after NIOS?

If they get a seat through NEET in a Government Medical college, they are eligible to study Medicine from that particular college because NTA, the exam conducting authority for NEET has recognised NIOS students to be eligible for NEET.

Are NIOS eligible for NEET 2023?

Yes, NIOS students are eligible to apply for NEET 2023.

Where is NIOS not accepted?

Certificates from NIOS is valid for admission in the fall of the colleges and Universities in India. but Anna university university and colleges in Chennai do not accept NIOS certificate on the ground of the syllabus of NIOS.

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Can I do MBBS at the age of 25?

You are almost in right age to go in medical College as by 25-26 yrs old you will finish your MBBS and by 30yrs old you can finish your post graduate and after that you can settle anywhere perfectly.

Can I do B Pharma with NIOS?

Yes, candidate is eligible to study B. Pharmacy after studying from NIOS.

Is open school valid for NEET?

Candidates who are passed from an open school or have biology as an additional subject are now eligible to apply for the exam.