Can Anyone Got Revealed If He Scores 130 In NEET?

How do you score 130 in physics?

To score atleast 130 in Physics ,you must have good concepts and must have solved a lot of questions of units in Physics like Modern Physics, Mechanics ,Electromagnetismand Electricity .

Is 175 a good score in NEET?

With a score of 175, honestly speaking, you don’t have any chance for mbbs, even in private colleges, if your category is general.

Is 130 a good score?

115 to 129: Above average or bright. 130 to 144: Moderately gifted. 145 to 159: Highly gifted.

How to score 130 marks in NEET Chemistry?

For inorganic chemistry, you must refer to the NCERT. Coordination points get 9% of weightage. Thermodynamics takes the 8% and Equilibrium takes the 6% weightage slots respectively. Chemical Bonding and Organic structure carries the 5% weightage slot and rest of the topics carry 2-3% weightage in the exam paper.

Is NEET 110 a good score?

Recommended: Attempt NEET FREE Mock test & Boost your preparation. Try Now! Hello Ranjana, No, Unfortunately, 110 is not enough to land you a seat in any of the government colleges in India. You need at least 350 marks to get a seat in your home state.

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Is 140 a good score in NEET?

It is difficult for you to get government seat for mbbs with 140 marks. In general category you need score 540+ in 85% state quota and 380+ for sc category. But you can try for private college.

What if my NEET score is low?

If you get less score in NEET it doesn’t mean that you are not eligible, but not for government college. You can also apply for private colleges for your MBBS admission but there is a problem, in India the fees of private colleges are very costly it will be approximately 50 to 60 lakh in Indian currency.

Is 1130 a good score?

An 1130 SAT score is considered an excellent overall score, in the 99th percentile of all students who have taken the test over the last decade.

Is 120 NEET Chemistry score easy?

Out of 180 questions in the NEET question paper, 45 will be on Chemistry. Candidates with a decent hold on the subject can easily score 100 to 120 marks in NEET. However, scoring above this in NEET Chemistry is tricky. To score above this threshold, one needs to have widespread knowledge of the subject.

Is it easy to score 150 in NEET?

Getting 150 marks in neet examination is not very difficult , you can easily score this much marks within 15 days . You don’t even need to cover the syllabus to score 150 marks .