Can 219 Marks In NEET Gives Mbbs In Punjab?

How many marks are required in NEET for MBBS in Punjab?

As per your query, you need to score at-least 550+ marks to get government seat in Punjab through State Quota, here is the expected cutoff marks and rank of Government Colleges in Punjab for MBBS Course: Government Medical College, Amritsar. Note: This is Expected Marks and Rank of NEET 2022 for General Category.

Can I get admission in MBBS with 200 marks in NEET?


Can I get MBBS with 215 marks?

See as per your Marks-215 it is difficult to get a Government Medical Seat even if you have a state quota and another quota if applicable. You should have maintained a score above 550 to be on the safer side. You cannot get into any government medical college with this mark.

Can I get MBBS with 200?

Can I get admission in a government college to become a doctor as I am expecting 200 marks in NEET (SC category)? No, the minimum marks are 320. You may get admission in a private medical college but 200 marks are really low so don’t be sure to get a private college.

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Can I get medical college with 130 marks?

With a score of 130, you have no chances of getting into a government or a private medical college, if we go by the previous year’s cut off.

Is 200 a good score in NEET for OBC?

200 marks in NEET is not a good score. It is very difficult to get MBBS seat in government college even from OBC category.

Is 220 a good score in NEET?

At a score of 220 it is not possible for you to get admission in any course or any college. First of all for more detailed information I would need your category and state quota.

Is 220 marks good for NEET?

Answer. With 220 marks in NEET UG exam, you will not be able to fetch a seat in any government college or private medical college. An OBC candidate requires atleast 585+ marks according to NEET 2021 cut off marks. Hope it helps!

Is NEET 200 a good score?

What is the good NEET rank for government colleges? Candidates with NEET rank up to 200 have great chances of getting admission to the top government colleges.

Which state has lowest cutoff in NEET?

The state of Goa has the lowest NEET cut-off.