Are Nitrates Stable NEET?

Are nitrates stable?

Nitrate is colorless, odorless, tasteless, very stable and easily dissolves in water. It moves with water and can migrate for miles from its source. Nitrite is unstable and quickly reacts with other compounds.

Why are nitrates more stable?

Both carbonates and nitrates of Group 2 elements become more thermally stable down the group. The larger compounds further down require more heat than the lighter compounds in order to decompose.

Which is more stable nitrate or nitrite?

Nitrate is the more stable form of oxidized nitrogen but can be reduced by microbial action to nitrite, which is moderately chemically reactive.

Are metal nitrates stable?

(a) Metal nitrates are highly unstable.

Is nitrogen unstable or stable?

2.2 Nitrogen. Unlike phosphorus, nitrogen occurs most commonly as an extremely stable atmospheric gas, dinitrogen (N2).

Do nitrate levels fluctuate?

For example, if the nitrate level of your well is 10 ppm and the nitrite level is 1 ppm, the total nitrate/nitrite level is 11 ppm, which exceeds the maximum safe limit set by the EPA and should be treated. You should test for nitrate and nitrite yearly, as their levels can fluctuate over time.

Why metal nitrates are highly unstable?

Solution : It is false statement.
(i) Metal nitrates are stable to heat. They decompose only when heated strongly.
(ii) Metyal nitrates are highly soluble in water.

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Are nitrates used for stable angina?

Nitrates or beta blockers are usually recommended first for people with stable angina. Calcium channel blockers are an alternative if there are side effects or other conditions that limit the use of beta blockers and nitrates.

Which nitrogen is most stable?

So, NO2 is the most stable oxide of nitrogen.

Why is NO3 more stable than hno3?

1) NO3- will be more stable due to resonance stabilisation.